About us

About us

Artizono Machinery has specialized in the design and supply of various sheet metalworking machinery for many years. Until now, we have developed a wide range of customized sheet metal working machinery for sale.

In order to offer our customers metalworking machine tools with high quality and cost-effective prices to meet their most exacting needs, we cooperate with the most excellent R&D team to work this out.

We’re dedicated to providing top edge machinery, expert consultation, quality customer service to you so as to help you get more out of your metal.

Give Artizono the opportunity to show what our quality machines & services can do for you and your business's success today and beyond.

We Not Only Provide High-Quality Machines But Also Excellent After-Sale Services

To provide our customers with high-quality machines, excellent after-sale services, good technical support, timely delivery, comprehensive quality inspection procedures, comprehensive troubleshooting instructions etc is what pursued for the past decades.

Good Customer Services Are The Key Factors For Us To Win The Market

At Artizono, we pay much more attention to the after-sales service than any others, which is also one essential part of our daily job. We recognize that one size does not fit all, so we work to find a solution that best fits you.


We have over 20 years of manufacturing experience.


We export our machines to over 80 countries.


We have dozens of R&D team to do technical support for us.


Each of our machines comes with a 3-year warranty.

Why us

Affordable price
All of our equipment is pricing at the affordable price, and still with high quality.

Good quality
We only provide our customer with high-quality equipment. We know that only quality products will help us last longer.

Longer services
In order to extend the service life, our equipment adopts high quality international famous brand accessories.

Timely technical support
We know that timely and good technical support is vital to the production of customers’ products, so when customers seek technical support, we do our best every time.

On-time delivery & installation
Every time we follow the contract and deliver the machines to the customer in time. When the equipment arrives, we will arrange the installation instruction as soon as possible.

Comprehensive inspection procedures
We always do the comprehensive quality inspection procedures before delivery in order to ensure the equipment in good condition when they arrive at customer’s workshop.

Standardized manufacturing process
Adopting standardized manufacturing process.

Detailed troubleshooting instructions
We always provide comprehensive troubleshooting instructions for our customers so as to keep the machine running normally.

Why we are different?

You may pay more for purchasing cheap and poor quality machine later on. We are proud to say our quality is more attractive than the price, as we are not online bargains. We put more focus on value but not price, so issues of the poor quality will never happen to Artizono.


We are proud to say our quality is more attractive than the price, as we are not online bargains. We put more focus on value but not price, so issues of the poor quality turbo will never happen to Artizono.


We may perform the same test at every single manufacturing stage in our factory to ensure the machine is thoroughly tested. It finally ensures that a complete machine is born, which are fit for requirements.


We never waste our exceptional technologies on making a few changes to secretly cut the costs. Artizono machines and parts are produced strictly aligning with CE&ISO standard.

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