Laser Welding Thickness & Speed Chart

Laser Welding Power Chart Material 1000 watts 1500 watts 2000 Watts SUS (stainless steel) 0.5mm-3mm 0.5mm-4mm 0.5mm-5mm Fe (iron) 0.5mm-3mm 0.5mm-4mm 0.5mm-5mm AI (aluminum) 0.5mm-2mm 0.5mm-3mm 0.5mm-4mm Cu (brass) 0.5mm-3mm [...]
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Analysis Of 4 Factors Affecting The Laser Cutting Quality

Compared with traditional oxyacetylene and plasma cutting processes, laser cutting has the advantages of fast cutting speed, narrow cutting seam, small heat affected zone, good perpendicularity of cutting seam edge [...]
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Standard Sheet Metal Gauges Chart

The sheet metal gauge refers to the thickness of sheet metals. The large the gauge number, the thinner the metal sheet. Please note that for different types of metals, the [...]
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Raycus Laser Cutting Table: Thickness, Speed, Gas, Focus, Pressure, Nozzle

3000W (Single mode) Laser Cutting Table Material Thickness[mm] Speed[m/min] Power [W] Gas Pressure [bar] Nozzle[mm] Focus [mm] Cutting Height[mm] Mild Steel 1 28-35 3000 N2/Air 10 1.5S 0 1 2 [...]
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IPG Laser Cutting Table: Thickness, Speed, Gas, Focus, Pressure, Nozzle

1000W(50um) Cutting Table Material Thickness(mm) Power(W) Speed(m/min) Focus(mm) Pressure(bar) Nozzle(mm) MS(O2) 1 1000 9 2 2 1 2 1000 5.5 2 2 1 3 1000 3 2 0.5 1 4 [...]
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Fiber Laser Cutting Thickness & Speed Chart

I believe you must have owned a laser cutting machine, and you must have encountered cutting problems in the cutting process, such as can’t cut through, with burrs, unsmooth cutting [...]
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