CO2 Laser Cutting Thickness & Speed Chart (25-200W)

* Remarks (laser power is 95%) CO2 Laser Cutting Thickness & Speed Chart For Acrylic Material Acrylic Thickness 3mm 5mm 8mm 1cm 15mm 20mm 25mm 30mm 35mm 40mm 25W Max [...]
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Laser Cutting Cost Table & Calculator (1000W-15000W)

Maybe you bought a laser cutting machine to provide processing services. However, the specific quotation should be based on the cost of laser cutting, because cost plus profit is the [...]
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Bending Load Calculator (V, U, Wipe Bending)

You can use the calculator below to calculate the required bending force for V bending, U bending as well as wipe bending.
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Press Brake Radius Calculator

The internal radius R of press brake air bending is approximately 16% of the die opening V. You can use the press brake radius calculator to get the most accurate [...]
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Press Brake Tonnage Calculator

Do you know how to calculate the press brake tonnage? You can use the calculation formula or use the tonnage calculator below to obtain the results directly. As you know, [...]
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