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Plasma Cutting and Laser Cutting Explained

Plasma cutting Plasma cutting is the use of high-energy density equidistant arc and high-speed plasma flow to blow molten metal away from the cutting edge to form a continuous cutting [...]
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Running Cost of Laser Cutting Machines

1. Take 1mm stainless steel as an example to calculate the cost of capital and time For example, the total production cost and approximate time cycle of 50000 meters of [...]
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CNC Turret Punch Basics You Should Know

Chapter I Application and Industry of CNC Turret Punch Learning requirements: Understand the basic concept of CNC turret punch; Understand the process purpose and main manufacturers of CNC turret punch. 1.1 [...]
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Laser Welding Thickness & Speed Chart

Laser Welding Power Chart Material 1000 watts 1500 watts 2000 Watts SUS (stainless steel) 0.5mm-3mm 0.5mm-4mm 0.5mm-5mm Fe (iron) 0.5mm-3mm 0.5mm-4mm 0.5mm-5mm AI (aluminum) 0.5mm-2mm 0.5mm-3mm 0.5mm-4mm Cu (brass) 0.5mm-3mm [...]
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Standard Sheet Metal Gauges Chart

The sheet metal gauge refers to the thickness of sheet metals. The large the gauge number, the thinner the metal sheet. Please note that for different types of metals, the [...]
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