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Common Materials Used in Sheet Metal Parts

Sheet metal parts utilize material as one of the three significant elements of sheet metal production. With advanced sheet metal process and mold technology, only by adopting material with good [...]
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The Impact of Materials on the Stamping Process

Sheet metal processing primarily involves cutting, bending, deep drawing, cold extrusion, and other volume stamping processes. Different stamping techniques have different requirements for the sheet metal, and the choice of [...]
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Minimum Bend Height of V-bending

The key factor affecting the bend height of the bending machine is the groove width of the die. The minimum bend height in V-bending is shown in Figure 1. The [...]
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Minimum Bend Height of Z-bending

Z-bending, also known as offset bending, can be categorized into straight edge offset bending and slanted edge offset bending depending on the forming angle (see Figure 1). The processing method [...]
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Press Brake Radius Calculator

Introduction to Radius Calculators Purpose of a Radius Calculator A radius calculator is designed to help professionals in the metal forming industry estimate important parameters when working with press brakes. [...]
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Springback in Sheet Metal Bending Explained

Sheet metal bending involves both plastic and elastic deformation. Upon the removal of the bending force, the elastic deformation immediately disappears, leaving only the plastic deformation. This results in a [...]
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