Press Brake Radius Calculator

Introduction to Radius Calculators

Purpose of a Radius Calculator

A radius calculator is designed to help professionals in the metal forming industry estimate important parameters when working with press brakes. It aids in determining the required force (tonnage) and the bending radius, given the material’s properties and the desired bend angle.

This valuable tool is essential in ensuring accurate and efficient project planning. By providing reliable estimates, it enables operators to prevent overloading or underpowered press brakes, which could potentially damage equipment and waste resources.

The internal radius R of press brake air bending is approximately 16% of the die opening V. You can use the press brake radius calculator to get the most accurate data.

Min Bending Radius

No.MaterialsMin bending radius
108, 08F, 10, 10F, DX2, SPCC, E1-T52, 0Cr18Ni9, 1Cr18Ni9, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 1100-H24, T20.4t
215, 20, Q235, Q235A, 15F0.5t
325, 30, Q2550.6t
41Cr13, H62(M, Y, Y2, cold rolled)0.8t
545, 501.0t
655, 601.5t
765Mn, 660SiMn, 1Cr17Ni7, 1Cr17Ni-Y, Cr17Ni-DY, SUS301, 0Cr18Ni9, SUS3022.0t
  • The bending radius refers to the inner radius of the bending part, and t is the wall thickness of the material.
  • t is the wall thickness of the material, M is the annealed state, Y is the hard state, and Y2 is the 1/2 hard state.

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