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Process Planning for Bend Parts in Engineering

Last updated:
March 26, 2024

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The sequencing of bending operations should be determined based on the complexity of the workpiece’s shape, the precision required, the size of the production batch, and the mechanical properties of the material.

A well-planned bending process can reduce the number of operations, simplify tool design, and enhance the quality and output of the workpiece. Conversely, poor planning can result in substandard quality and a high scrap rate.

1) For simple-shaped bending parts, such as V, U, or Z-shaped components, one-strike forming can be employed, as illustrated in Figure 3-11.

Figure 3-11 Bending Process Formation
Figure 3-11: Bending Process Formation

2) More complex bending parts generally require two or more bending operations, as shown in Figures 3-12 and 3-13. However, for small-sized, thin-material, complex-shaped elastic contact components, progressive compound bending forming is often more advantageous.

Multiple bending operations can lead to inaccurate positioning, inconvenient operation, and a loss of elasticity in the material after being repeatedly bent.

Figure 3-12 Two-step Bending Process Forming
Figure 3-12: Two-step Bending Process Forming
Figure 3-13 Three-Step Bending Process Forming
Figure 3-13: Three-Step Bending Process Forming

3)For the mass production of small, large-scale bent components, productivity can be enhanced by employing a continuous process that integrates multiple operations such as punching, bending, and cutting, as illustrated in Figure 3-14.

Figure 3-14 Continuous Process Forming
Figure 3-14: Continuous Process Forming

4)When a bent part has a unilateral geometric shape, bending a single blank may easily result in misalignment. Therefore, it’s advisable to use paired bending to form the shape, followed by separating the pieces after bending, as shown in Figure 3-15.

Figure 3-15 Paired Bending Forming
Figure 3-15: Paired Bending Forming
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