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The beading machine is mainly used to press ribs in the production of air duct, and several reinforcement ribs are produced longitudinally in the plane of the thin plate by rolling. The commonly used air duct beading machine are five-line beading machine and seven-line beading machine. The five-line rib press is used for the 1300mm width plate and there are five reinforcement ribs, and the seven-line rib press is used for the 2000mm width plate and there are seven reinforcement ribs. The width and number of ribs can also be customized or changed according to the needs of customers.

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Leveling Beading Machine is a newly upgraded product of line 5 beading machine. Leveling sheet metal before outputting 5 reinforced ribs at one time makes the sheet metal more smooth and beautiful. The power of air duct rib press is 1.5KW and 2.2kW, which can make stiffeners with a certain depth.

  •  One of the equipment for modern sheet metal processing and air duct production.
  • The dual-purpose model that integrates the flattening and the beading function. It can be operated jointly or separately.
  • The width of the rib can be adjusted freely and the operation is simple.
  • Equipped with a dedicated loading rack and discharge table, to ensure a smooth and even loading, so that the plate leveling and beading effect is better.

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