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C Frame Double Crank Precision Press (YDC)



  • Punch force: 110-315T
  • Slider stroke: 15-280mm
  • Max Die Height: 400-700mm

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  • The body is made of high-quality steel plate, which is designed with high precision and high strength. After welding, it is stress-relieved, and the accuracy and stability are reliable.
  • In order to ensure the relative stability of the machine connecting rod, the design method of fluorine dynamic balancer device is adopted.
  • The precision of mold adjustment is up to 0.1MM, which is safe, convenient and reliable.
  • Crankshaft, gear, screw and other parts, after hard oxidation and grinding treatment, have extremely high comprehensive mechanical properties and wear resistance.
  • The machine structure design is reasonable and the configuration is complete, which is convenient for the realization of dynamic production and assembly line production.
  • Adopt high-performance combined clutch/brake, which is stable, safe and reliable.
  • The safety double solenoid valve and hydraulic overload protection device are adopted to ensure the maximum safety of production operations.
  • This machine adopts double crankshaft, double station design, suitable for precision stamping of large workpieces. Designed with closed electrical circuit, powerful, and can be used with any automation equipment.

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