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Desktop plasma cutter adopt bi-side driving, high precision linear guide rail and gear rack drive, integrated desktop design. The effective cutting size can be customized according to customer requirements. Completely intelligent cutting process, automatically adjusts the cutting height and speed, automatically adjust the cutting airflow pressure and rate.

  • Effective Cutting Size: 1300x3000mm
  • Cutting Thickness: depend on the plasma power
  • Cutting Speed: 20-4000mm/min

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  • Working voltage of cutting system: 220VAC,±10%
  • Environment temperature of system normal working: -10℃~ +60℃
  • System reliability: the system can be stable operation within 12V/m electromagnetic radiation intensity.
  • Overall Accuracy: conform to JB/T5102-99《standards for coordinate type gas cutting machine》

(1)Linear positioning accuracy: ±0.5mm/10m
(2)Linear repositioning accuracy: ±0.5mm/10m
(3)Cutting speed: prescribed speed ±0.5mm
(4)Automatic lifting accuracy: ±0.5mm

  • The whole machine accuracy: side length 500×500mm, marking speed: 1m/min

(1)Side length error: ±0.3mm
(2)Diagonal error: ±0.3mm
(3)Homing error: ±0.3mm
(4)Intersection error: ±0.3mm

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