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The elbow machine is mainly used for the manufacture of air duct elbows. The machine can flange the round elbows, and the two ducts of the same diameter are butted through the turned edges and then sewn and butted by the elbow making machine. The whole process is fast and easy to operate. The elbow machine is one of the basic equipment in the production of circular air duct. The elbow machine is electrically driven and can be connected to 120mm-1000mm diameter ducts.

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It’s also used for interface modeling and commissure of shrimp elbow tube.

1. Good sealing and beautiful appearance.
2. Reasonable structure, stable performance, practical and efficient, and convenient to manufacture.
3. The shape of the bead is good, the size and angle are accurate.
4. The air duct after the lock seam is highly sealed and durable.

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