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H Frame Double Crank Stamping Press (JH36)



  • Punch force: 160-630T
  • Slider stroke: 130-320mm
  • Max Die Height: 450-700mm

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  • The integrally welded body is symmetrical to the front and rear, eliminating the angular deformation of the open press, and improving the machining accuracy and die life of stamping parts.
  • Adopt dry or wet pneumatic friction clutch brake, the action is sensitive and reliable.
  • The large gears and gear shafts are precision ground, and the machine tool has low noise and stable operation.
  • Stepless speed regulation motor device, adapt to different stamping parts process requirements.
  • Using double crankshaft reverse transmission, good synchronization and strong anti-eccentricity.
  • The slider of JH36-360200T has six-sided guide rail while the slider of JH36-250T above has eight-sided guide rail, high precision.
  • This model has two types of infinitely variable stroke selection, which is more suitable for stamping parts process requirements and improve production efficiency.

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