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H Frame Single Crank High-Speed Precision Press (YDK)



  • Punch force: 80-250T
  • Slider stroke: 30mm
  • Max Die Height: 360-450mm

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  • Hydraulic overload protection device, sensitive response and reliable action.
  • The track direction of the roller track on the eight sides of the slider is stable.
  • Steel plate welding, integral closed body, good rigidity and small deformation.
  • Combined pneumatic friction clutch brake, the slider is equipped with a balancer, running smoothly and low noise.
  • Automatic timing, fixed point, quantitative thin oil lubrication, sufficient lubrication, reliable and long life.
  • PLC electric control system, sensitive action, reliable performance, and good man-machine interface.
  • The stepless thread hydraulic locking device eliminates the thread gap and improves the accuracy.
  • The use of combined bearings improves the rigidity and running accuracy of the machine tool, and reduces the total clearance and the heat generation of the supporting parts.
  • It can also be equipped with quick die change, photoelectric protection device, automatic feeding device, air cushion, etc.

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