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Hydraulic Guillotine Shear



Adjustable shearing angle and stroke; blade gap adjusted by controller; high performance frequency converter ensure the positioning accuracy of X-axis; integrated hydraulic system help reduce the leaking of hydraulic oil effectively; rectangular blade with four cutting edge can be used.

  • Cutting Thickness: 4-40mm
  • Cutting Length: 1600-4000mm
  • Backgauge: 300-1000mm

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  • The controller adopts suspension device which refers to man-machine engineering design, making the controller not only easy to be controlled but also with high accuracy and comfort.
  • The latest Euro technology is not only practical but also efficient and reliable. It supports extended multi smart auxiliary device.
  • The guarding not only can ensure the operator’s safety but also conform to safety norms. The delicate design can realize small sheet cutting with manual operation.
  • The front working table adopt ball integrated design will not only reduce friction resistance and ensure the workpiece surface is not scratched. The clever design can also realize small pieces cutting with the manual operation.
  • The lower end of hold down cylinder, which built-in spring, is equipped with pads with special materials to avoid leaving marks on aluminum alloy or other sensitive materials. The pressure on the pads are controlled separately.
  • The USA Parker/Japanese NOK sealing ring not only improved the service life of oil cylinder but also ensure that there is no oil leakage after long-term use.
    Adopt Germany Rexroth brand integrated hydraulic system with hydraulic transmission, stable and reliable. The design of the integrated hydraulic system can effectively reduce the problems caused by hydraulic oil leakage.
    Adopt Germany EMB tubing and connector to reduce the welding slag block the valve and keep the hydraulic oil flow smoothly inside.
  • The stability of the shearing machine is guaranteed by using the France Schneider electrical components, and the vibration of the X axis is eliminated by the inverter of Taiwan Delta brand.
  • The design of the open door power-off function ensures the safety of the operators.
  • Adopt Siemens motor to guarantee the service life of the shearing machine and reduce the noise at work.
  • The Sunny oil pump from USA ensure the service life and reduce the noise of the shearing machine during working.
  • The KACON pedal switch from South Korea increased service life and operating sensitivity.
  • The high-precision motorized backgauge adopt precision ball screw and rod which driven by high performance motor in order to guarantee positioning accuracy.
    The unique designed synchronous transmission mechanism is not only stable but also reliable.
  • Adopt ball screw from Taiwan HIWIN.
  • The simple and convenient manual blade gap adjustment realized the gap adjustment not only fast but also without grade.
  • The pneumatic support will protect the steel strip well after cutting process.

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