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Hydraulic Lock Seam Machine


The vertical seaming machine is used for the bite of joint angle (pittsburgh) and right angle of square air duct. It is the supporting equipment of rectangular air duct production line. The seaming closing machine can accurately and high-quality combine the joint seam without other auxiliary connecting tools. It is not only beautiful and generous, but also low noise, tight and flat seaming and good effect.

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It’s used for locking rectangular duct within 1500mm with PLC controlling and hydraulic driven, Sealing is tight, smooth, fast and safe.

The hydraulic vertical seam locking machine can realize the joint of the pittsburgh lock quietly and quickly, greatly reducing the noise hazard and labor intensity caused by the manual tapping, significantly improving the efficiency of the joint locking, improving the tightness and flatness of the joint, and enhance the aesthetics of the duct. It can be used in conjunction with a fully automatic duct production line or been used on site.

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