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Plate & Tube Laser Cutter



Ductile cast iron casting structure with high rigidity accuracy and stability;Casting aluminum alloy and light weight to ensure the acceleration; H-class linear guide and precision bevel gear rack with high precision and high speed.

  • Tube Diameter: ≤170mm
  • Cutting Size (LxW): 6000x1500mm
  • Tube Length: 3000-6000mm

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  • Built by the five-axis precision machining machine, gantry double drive structure, high damping bed, enough rigidity, high stability, strong earthquake resistance, ten years without deformation.
  • Integral casting all aluminum beams, enough rigidity, small weight-bearing, high stability.
  • The brand of our fiber laser source including Raycus (China), Max (China), nLight (USA), IPG (Germany), with the power from 500W to 10,000W.
  • Professional CAD / CAM automatic programming software and automatic nesting software, support both Chinese and English interface, rich process parameters, to maximize the savings of raw materials.
  • We use the Precitec cutting head which is from Germany and Ray Tools cutting head from Switzerland to ensure precise cutting quality.
  • With the industry’s highest amplifier responsiveness, high precision, high speed, high torque, large inertia, stable and durable performance, to ensure that the machine’s high speed and acceleration.
  • With short circuit current protection function, overload current protection function, more secure and more stable.
  • Japan SMC electrical proportional valve, the minimum pressure can be adjusted to 0.005mpa, to automatically control the pressure. Using Japan SMC gas group, double gas supply, low-pressure perforation, automatic pressure ventilation.
  • Through the connection with the host computer control system, the lubrication system can monitor the oil level in the tank and the pressure of the lubricating oil, set the lubrication period, and keep the lubrication of rail and gear rack to ensure the cutting precision.
  • Low noise, smooth movement, can withstand the load of various directions, with strong rigidity and high precision.
  • With heavy load, high precision, high rigidity characteristics.

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