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Round Duct Seam Closing Machine


The round duct seam closing machine is used for the butt joint of round ducts. The whole process is fast and the sealing effect is also very good. Compared with manual operation, the seam closing machine saves more time and is very convenient to operate. The applicable round pipe length of the standard round duct seaming machine is 1300mm. We can also accept customized requirements for longer circular pipe joints, such as 1500mm or even 2000mm. The round duct seaming machine can strengthen the round pipe seaming, and can be used with three roll bending machine or four roll bending machine.

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The machine is especially used to strengthen the seam lock and particularly suitable for producing great amount of ducts, it can combine with 3-roller forming machine or 4-roller forming machine to produce the round duct which is of standard appearance and reliable quality. It is easy to install with high efficiency.

If you want to make a steel sheet into a round tube and lock the seam, you need two steps: first, make the lock on the ends of the sheet with lockformer, then you need to turn over the sheet and roll the sheet into round tube with a rolling machine.

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