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Spiral Duct Forming Machine-Steel Strip Type


Spiral duct machine is a machine for producing spiral duct. Spiral air duct, also known as spiral seam thin-walled pipe, is first used in the military industry of western countries, such as warships, ship platoon (supply) air system, and later used in trains, subways, mines and other civilian facilities.

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Ever since spiral duct entry into the market, it’s continuously been promoted in the application of ventilation and air conditioning systems because of excellent performance and low prices. At present time, most of the spiral duct is widely applied in coal mine, shipbuilding, ventilation, purification, bridge dust removal, airport and tunnel construction industry etc.

With many years of research and import of advanced fabrication equipment, our spiral duct making machine has reached the advanced level in China HVAC duct machine industry.

With our spiral duct machine, the diameter of the duct can reach the range of 80-1500mm for 0.4-1.2mm sheet metal.


  • Ventilation system: send fresh air and exhaust, discharge harmful gases to the outside, and send fresh outdoor air to the room.
  • Air conditioning system: spiral duct can be attached to the insulation material, the appearance is beautiful.
  • Exhaust smoke system: the use of spiral duct is the most suitable, strong, economical and practical.
  • Dust-proof system: For the collection and transportation of the dust-removing device, a spiral duct can be used.
  • Bulk material transportation: In the pneumatic conveying system, the spiral air duct is used for transportation, and the cost is low and the effect is good.


Model LXFG-1500
Tube Forming Diameter φ80-1500
Maximum Tube Length 100-8000mm
Fabrication Thickness 0.4-1.2mm
Steel Strip Width 137mm
Fabrication Speed 1-38m/min
Dimensions 2600x2200x2050mm
Weight 2260kg
Electric Control System PLC Control
Main Motor Power 5.5kw
Cutting Power 4kw
Hydraulic Power 0.4-0.8kmp

Gallery of Spiral Duct Machine

Spiral Duct Forming Machine-Steel Strip Type

Spiral Duct Forming Machine-Steel Strip Type

Spiral Duct Forming Machine-Steel Strip Type

Spiral Duct Forming Machine-Steel Strip Type

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