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Spiral Duct Machine-Pipe Mold Type


The pipe mold spiral duct machine developed by our company can produce spiral air ducts with a diameter range of 100-2000mm, with low air supply resistance, high strength and good sealing performance, fast processing and conversion of various diameters, high production efficiency, stable performance and wide length range. Suitable for filtration, ventilation, dust removal, environmental protection, construction industries.

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  • The flanging and seaming of SPIRO is the tightest ever detected on the market by independent research institutes.
  • All key parts are made of high quality die steel.
  • The unique roll pattern on the drive roller optimizes the force.
  • Special angle blade optimize shear.
  • The special inlaid copper piece of the molding head minimizes friction and makes it more durable.
  • The precision work differential of the forming roll assembly optimizes the edge seam.
  • The blade uses high-quality steel with long service life.
  • The special clamping roller makes the edge seam firm.
  • With high efficiency, the conveying speed of the belt can reach up to 80m/min.
  • Compact structure and occupy a small area.
  • The forming machine bed and base plate are made of ductile iron with good stability and no deformation.
  • Adopt multiple protection devices with good safety performance.
  • The decoiling machine with unique material tensioning device, improve the precision and quality of products.
  • Hydraulic system, stable operation, low noise, easy maintenance.
  • The hydraulic system is safe, reliable and easy to adjust.
  • Multi-step programming, automatically program running.
  • It has power off protection function to ensure the parameter is not lost.

Spiral Duct Machine


Diameter range 100-1600mm
Thickness range Galvanized plate:0.5-1.2mm
Stainless steel:0.4-1.0mm
Material width 137mm
Decoiler Vertical type maximum load: 1200kg
Sealing&locking Outer surface of the duct
Feeding speed 0-35m/min, adjustable
Cutter Rolling shear
Power system Pneumatic power for cutting and turning material; Hydraulic power for discharge and roller compression
Forming head mold Made of steel (aluminum alloy casting optional)
Total weight 2000kg
Equipment sizes Mainmachine:3.4×1.85×1.5mm
Discharge rack:2.1×1.21.1m
Total power 16Kw
Power supply 380V/50Hz/3ph (other power supply optional)
Control panel Touch screen

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