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Experience unparalleled precision with our innovative Angle Rolls. Engineered for versatility, these tools deliver superior bending performance on various materials, enhancing productivity. Enjoy easy operation with our user-friendly design, and expect long-lasting durability, reducing your maintenance costs. Don't compromise on quality — Choose our Angle Rolls for consistently excellent results. Transform your workflow today. Ready to elevate your efficiency? Fill out our inquiry form now.
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Our Popular Angle Roll Bending Machine

Manual Angle Rolls

The two bottom rolls are fixed and rotate by an electromotor and gearbox to provide the necessary torque for bending the plate. The top roller can be adjusted manually or with a hydraulic cylinder by changing the height of the screw pole, allowing it to move up and down.

Hydraulic Angle Rolls

Hydraulic angle rolls find extensive application in industries such as petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, metalworking, and machine manufacturing. They are capable of completing circle rolling and ensuring roundness accuracy in a single operation.

Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine

Hydraulic angle rolls are widely used in industries such as petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, metalworking, and machine manufacturing. They can complete circle rolling and ensure roundness accuracy in a single operation.

Which angle roll bending machine is right for you?

Please consult with our professional sales team to help you select the appropriate machine for your needs.

Rolling Samples

Rolling Samples

Features Of Angle Roll Bending Machine

Variety Rolling

Variety Rolling

Our mechanical and hydraulic angle rolls are capable of rolling a wide range of shapes.
Memory Function

Memory Function

The machine is equipped with a memory function that can store up to 100 programs. This allows for automatic rolling during mass production by simply calling up the saved programs.


The machine is packed in a steel frame and wooden box to ensure its safety during transportation by sea.

Why Choose Us?

Innovative Capacity

Artizono's strong technical R&D force has made it a legacy in the industry. With over 10 patents invented and applied, Artizono continues to innovate without ceasing.

Standardized Production

A specialized production line, well-functioning components, and experienced technicians work together to create a sophisticated machine.

QC Management

We ensure that no machine is delivered until it meets the standards of each QC process, so you can be confident that you are receiving only capacity-boosting machines.

Prioritized Customers' Need

Please feel free to contact us or visit our plant at any time to communicate your precise production needs. We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction.

Prompt Delivery

Whether you order one machine or a batch of machines, we guarantee on-time delivery and intact arrival.

Quality Guaranty

We assure you of stable quality. In the rare event of a breakdown, we provide a one-year guarantee and on-site solutions as appropriate.

Buying Guide

Customer Opinion

Artizono's Angle Rolls have been a game-changer in our metal fabrication shop. The precision and versatility they offer in bending angles are unmatched. These machines handle various profiles with consistent accuracy, allowing us to achieve complex bends effortlessly. Artizono's support team provided excellent training, ensuring a seamless setup. These angle rolls have elevated our productivity and have become an integral part of our production process.

Michael Mitchell
Production Manager at AngleTech Fabrication
Customer Opinion

Precision and reliability are paramount in angle bending. Artizono's Angle Rolls deliver on both fronts. Their ability to handle a wide range of profiles with accuracy is impressive. The user-friendly interface and Artizono's responsive support made the integration seamless. These angle rolls have expanded our capabilities, allowing us to create intricate angle bends with confidence.

Alex Thompson
Lead Engineer at PrecisionAngle Innovations
Customer Opinion

Artizono's Angle Rolls have revolutionized our metal bending capabilities. Their precision and consistent performance in shaping angles are remarkable. The versatility in handling various materials and profiles is impressive. Artizono's commitment to customer success shines through their exceptional support. These angle rolls have increased our efficiency and have become a cornerstone in our workshop.

Christopher Davis
Operations Manager at SteelCurve Fabricators
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