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The Most Innovatively Designed Hydraulic Press Machine

Unleash unparalleled power with our state-of-the-art Hydraulic Press Machine! Engineered for precision, it delivers exceptional, consistent force for superior shaping and molding. Benefit from its compact design, which maximizes space efficiency, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with an integrated safety system. Invest in the hydraulic press that guarantees increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs. Your next big project starts here - inquire today to experience the future of mechanical engineering!
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Our Popular Hydraulic Press Machine

C-Frame Hydraulic Press

C-Frame Hydraulic Press

The Y41 series hydraulic press is a C-frame press with a single post. The entire body is constructed using CO2 steel plate welding and undergoes tempering aging treatment to ensure that there is no deformation. The hydraulic system is located inside the body for optimal performance.
Four Post Hydraulic Press

Four Post Hydraulic Press

This structure features three beams and four columns, making it both economical and practical. The hydraulic control system utilizes an integrated cartridge valve system to minimize leakage points, ensuring reliable operation and a long service life. Additionally, this system can achieve both constant pressure and stroke forming processes.
Hydraulic Drawing Press

Hydraulic Drawing Press

The four-column hydraulic press series is ideal for a range of stamping processes, including drawing, bending, forming, and blanking. It is particularly well-suited for use in the automotive, household appliance, and kitchen appliance industries, as well as in other fields such as tractors, motorcycles, aerospace, and aviation.
Hydraulic Steel Door Embossing Press

Hydraulic Steel Door Embossing Press

The hydraulic steel door embossing machine is a specialized hydraulic press designed for forming anti-theft doors, steel-wood doors, interior doors, stainless steel doors, and large iron doors.

Which hydraulic press machine is right for you?

Please consult with our team of professional sales representatives to help you select the most suitable machine for your needs.

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Features Of Hydraulic Press Machine



AM, UG, Solidworks, MSC. Marc, Forge, and Iti-Simulationx software are commonly utilized for product design, finite element analysis of parts, three-dimensional design simulation, and virtual manufacturing.


With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, we are capable of designing hydraulic press machines that are tailored to your specific practical needs.
Customer Opinion

Artizono's Hydraulic Press Machine has revolutionized our metal fabrication operations. Its precision and power in metal forming are unparalleled. The machine's ability to handle a wide range of materials and shapes has streamlined our workflow. Artizono's support team provided thorough training, ensuring a smooth setup. This machine has significantly increased our production efficiency and has become a cornerstone in our fabrication process.

Andrew Thompson
Operations Director at MasterCraft Metalworks
Customer Opinion

Precision and reliability are essential in metal forming. Artizono's Hydraulic Press Machine excels in both areas. Its ability to shape metal accurately across various materials is impressive. The user-friendly controls and Artizono's responsive support made the integration seamless. This machine has elevated the quality of our formed products and has allowed us to take on diverse projects with confidence.

Daniel Roberts
Engineering Director at ProForm Metalworks
Customer Opinion

Artizono's Hydraulic Press Machine has transformed our metal forming capabilities. Its precision and consistent performance in metal shaping are remarkable. The versatility in handling various materials and shapes is impressive. Artizono's commitment to customer success shines through in their exceptional support. This machine has increased our efficiency and has become a vital asset in our workshop.

David Anderson
Operations Director at SwiftMetal Fabrication

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support.

What is the pressure range of hydraulic press machines?
Our hydraulic press machines have a pressure range from 5 tons to 200 tons, which can meet the pressing requirements of various workpieces.
What are the available sizes of the hydraulic press machine worktables?
We offer various worktable sizes, ranging from 500mm x 500mm to 1500mm x 2000mm, suitable for workpieces of different sizes.
What are the control methods for hydraulic press machines?
Our hydraulic press machines offer three control methods: manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic, which can be selected based on customer requirements.
What safety protection measures are available for hydraulic press machines?
Our hydraulic press machines are equipped with multiple safety protection measures, such as two-hand operation, light curtain protection, and emergency stop switches, to ensure the safety of operators.
What is the maintenance cycle for hydraulic press machines?
It is generally recommended to perform routine maintenance every 3 months and comprehensive maintenance once a year to ensure the normal operation and service life of the machine.
What is the service life of hydraulic press machines?
With proper use and maintenance, our hydraulic press machines can be used for 10-15 years or even longer.
What after-sales services do you provide?
We provide comprehensive after-sales services, including installation and commissioning, operation training, maintenance and repair, to ensure customers have no worries.
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