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If you are looking for a laser cutting machine for various metals including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc, you are in the right place.

Artizono has been manufacturing metal laser cutting machines in China for 10 years. With our years of industry experience, we can provide you with the most reliable metal laser cutting machine and the most suitable solution.
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Our Popular Laser Cutting Machine

Open Type Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The frame adopts integral welding and heat treatment to eliminate stress; adopt IPG fiber laser generator and gear & rack drive system from Germany, dual servo motor drive structure, full digital CNC servo motor control, variable-focus laser cutting head.
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Full Cover Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Adopt the world’s top-ranking IPG laser, movable gantry structure, overall enclosed structure, can keep the stability and security for a long time. Automatic switching table, can realize materials loading and unloading at the same time, convenient and time saving.
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Tube & Plate Laser Cutting Machine

Tube & Plate Laser Cutting Machine

Ductile cast iron casting structure with high rigidity accuracy and stability;Casting aluminum alloy and light weight to ensure the acceleration; H-class linear guide and precision bevel gear rack with high precision and high speed.
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Tube & Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

Tube & Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

The tube laser cutting machine can be used to cut both rectangular tube and round pipe as well as the profile steels.
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Which laser cutting machine is right for you?

Consult with our professional sales team to select the right machine for you.

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Features Of Laser Cutting Machine



Artizono have vast experience with R&D and designing components to very tight tolerances with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD modelling techniques, and Artizono Engineers are competent in designing with first principal calculations for the laser cutting machine.
Cutting Head

Cutting Head

The RAYTOOLS AG comes with the external motor and the built-in drive unit through the linear driver and the focusing lens can automatically change the position in the range of 25mm. The user can set the focus continuously through the program to complete the rapid perpiercing of thick sheets or other different thickness and material sheets.
Aluminium Beam Structure

Aluminium Beam Structure

Artizono high tech aluminum crossbeam is cast in a specially manufactured 10-tonne steel mold. This allows better rigidity at 50% of the weight of traditional iron gantries, allowing higher acceleration with reduced inertia.

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Innovative Capacity

Strong techinical R&D force made Artizono a legacy. Artizono invented and applied 10+ patents, yet innovation never stops.

Standardized Production

Specialized production line, well-functioned components, experienced technicians together creates a sophisticated machine.

QC Management

No machine will be delivered until it reaches each standard of each QC process. You get only the capacity boosting machines.

Prioritized Customers' Need

Feel free to contact us or visit our plant at any time to convey your accurate production need, then wait to be satisfied.

Prompt Delivery

No matter you order 1 or a batch of machines, we have them delivered to you on time, intact.

Quality Guaranty

We assure you a stable quality. Yet if there is breakdown, which is rare, we provide 1 year of guaranty and on-site solution as appropriate.
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