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The Most Reliable Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Experience cutting-edge precision with our Fiber Laser Cutting Machine. Engineered for unparalleled accuracy, it effortlessly slices through the toughest materials with a clean, burr-free finish. Its high-speed operation and energy-efficient design reduce production times and costs. Benefit from its user-friendly interface, ensuring ease of operation even for beginners. Invest in reliability and superior performance - take your production to the next level with our Fiber Laser Cutting Machine. Take action now; fill out the inquiry form to learn more about revolutionizing your operations.
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Our Popular Laser Cutting Machine

Open Type Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The frame is constructed using integral welding and heat treatment to eliminate stress. It features an IPG fiber laser generator and gear & rack drive system from Germany, as well as a dual servo motor drive structure. The machine is equipped with full digital CNC servo motor control and a variable-focus laser cutting head.

Full Cover Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

This machine adopts the world-renowned IPG laser and features a movable gantry structure and overall enclosed design, ensuring long-term stability and security. It also includes an automatic switching table, allowing for simultaneous loading and unloading of materials, which is both convenient and time-saving.
Tube & Plate Laser Cutting Machine

Tube & Plate Laser Cutting Machine

The machine's structure is made of ductile cast iron casting, providing high rigidity, accuracy, and stability. Additionally, the casting is made of lightweight aluminum alloy to ensure acceleration. The machine also features H-class linear guides and precision bevel gear racks, which offer high precision and speed.
Tube & Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

Tube & Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

This tube laser cutting machine is capable of cutting rectangular tubes, round pipes, and profile steels.

Which laser cutting machine is right for you?

Please consult with our team of sales professionals to help you select the machine that best suits your needs.

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Features Of Laser Cutting Machine

High Cutting Precision and Efficiency

High Cutting Precision and Efficiency

Highly precise and efficient. Fiber laser technology ensures fast, accurate metal cutting, suitable for complex patterns.
Advanced Laser Technology

Advanced Laser Technology

Leading-edge laser technology. Utilizes the latest fiber laser technology to deliver superior cutting quality and efficiency.
Broad Material Compatibility

Broad Material Compatibility

Compatible with a variety of materials, widely applicable. Capable of precisely cutting different types of metals, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, etc.
Easy to Operate and Maintain

Easy to Operate and Maintain

Easy to operate, low maintenance costs. User-friendly interface and low maintenance requirements ensure long-term stable operation.
Customer Opinion

Precision is everything in fabrication. Artizono's Fiber Laser Cutting Machine delivers that and more. Its ability to handle a wide range of materials with consistent accuracy is impressive. The user-friendly interface and Artizono's prompt support made the setup process hassle-free. Our productivity has soared, and the machine's reliability has been a game-changer for our business.

Christopher Miller
Operations Manager at LaserTech Fabrication Solutions
Customer Opinion

Artizono's Press Brake exceeded expectations, balancing performance and affordability seamlessly. Its precision engineering empowers us to tackle intricate projects with ease. The user-friendly interface simplifies operation, and Artizono's dedication to customer success ensured a smooth integration. This machine has undeniably added value to our business.

Michael Walker
Lead Engineer at LaserCraft Innovations
Customer Opinion

Artizono's Fiber Laser Cutting Machine has taken our metalworks to new heights. The precision and versatility it offers are truly remarkable. Whether it's intricate designs or heavy-duty cuts, this machine delivers exceptional results. Artizono's commitment to customer success shines through their excellent support. Our productivity has increased, and we're excited about the possibilities this machine opens up for our business.

Christopher Davis
Manufacturing Director at PrecisionCuts Industries

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the advantages of fiber laser cutting machines?
Fiber laser cutting machines offer high cutting efficiency, excellent cut quality, and low operating costs. They are suitable for cutting various metal materials, especially thin and medium-thick sheets.
What is the cutting precision of fiber laser cutting machines?
Our fiber laser cutting machines adopt high-precision motion systems and advanced control algorithms, achieving a cutting accuracy of ±0.05mm and a repeatability of ±0.03mm, meeting most processing requirements.
How fast is the cutting speed of fiber laser cutting machines?
Depending on the material type and thickness, our fiber laser cutting machines can reach a maximum cutting speed of 40m/min. This significantly improves production efficiency while ensuring cutting quality.
What is the service life of fiber laser cutting machines?
Our fiber laser cutting machines use high-quality fiber lasers with a service life of up to 100,000 hours. Moreover, we provide comprehensive after-sales service and maintenance to ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment.
Is it difficult to operate fiber laser cutting machines?
Our fiber laser cutting machines are equipped with intuitive human-machine interfaces and intelligent control systems, making them easy to operate and learn. We also offer professional training and technical support to help users quickly master equipment operation.

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