Scientifically Tested Pipe & Tube Bender

Our tube benders including manual pipe bender, hydraulic pipe bender and CNC pipe bender, which is able to bend steel tube with diameters from φ18mm to φ133mm, for stainless steel tube, the max bending diameter can reach φ125mm.
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Our Popular Pipe & Tube Bender

Single-head Hydraulic Tube Bender

Single-head Hydraulic Tube Bender

NC high-performance hydraulic tube bender, microcomputer chip control, multi-program, multi-angle setting, and simple to operate. Can be used in the exhaust pipe, seats, bumpers, bathroom plumbing pipe processing industry production, with high yield and unified product.
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Double-head Hydraulic Tube Bender

The bending arm adopts the inner-hidden elbow section crank, the steel is strong, the bending effect is good, the safety performance is high
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Manual 3D Tube Bender

Manual 3D Tube Bender

Economical three-dimensional CNC high-precision pipe bending machine, applicable to automobile bumper, industrial boilers, air-conditioning tubes, radiators and other pipeline processing.
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CNC Tube Bender

CNC servo tube bending machine with the multi-layer die, using servo feeding plus linear guide and the ball screw, coupled with the pneumatic clamping device, can meet the stringent requirements of the tube bending.
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NC Tube Bender

It can be used for single bending or three-dimensional pipe bending, and it can be used for multi variety single piece or multi variety batch bending. It is applicable to heavy industrial enterprises or light industrial enterprises such as boilers, shipbuilding, truth, vehicles, etc.
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Which pipe & tube bending machine is right for you?

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Tube & Pipe Bending Samples

Sample 1

Tube & Pipe Bending Samples​

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Features Of Pipe & Tube Bender

Variety Types

Variety Types

Our various types of pipe benders allow you to bend pipes of various shapes.


Our pipe bender has a variety of models, which can meet various needs and support customization on demand.

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Innovative Capacity

Strong techinical R&D force made Artizono a legacy. Artizono invented and applied 10+ patents, yet innovation never stops.

Standardized Production

Specialized production line, well-functioned components, experienced technicians together creates a sophisticated machine.

QC Management

No machine will be delivered until it reaches each standard of each QC process. You get only the capacity boosting machines.

Prioritized Customers' Need

Feel free to contact us or visit our plant at any time to convey your accurate production need, then wait to be satisfied.

Prompt Delivery

No matter you order 1 or a batch of machines, we have them delivered to you on time, intact.

Quality Guaranty

We assure you a stable quality. Yet if there is breakdown, which is rare, we provide 1 year of guaranty and on-site solution as appropriate.
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