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Our Popular Plate Rolling Machine

3 Roll Bending Machine

There are two types of 3-roll bending machines: mechanical and hydraulic. The mechanical three-roller plate bending machine can be further divided into symmetrical and asymmetrical models. This machine is capable of rolling sheet metal into round, curved, and conical workpieces within a certain range.
Hydraulic 4-Roll Plate Rolling Machine

4 Roll Bending Machine

The 4-roll bending machine has the unique ability to pre-bend the end of the plate. This allows for the metal plate to be fed in one time, without the need to turn the head to complete the pre-bending of the end of the plate. Additionally, this machine can roll the workpiece into shape.

Which plate rolling machine is right for you?

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Cylinder & Cone Rolling Samples

Cylinder & Cone Rolling Samples
Cylinder & Cone Rolling Samples
Cylinder & Cone Rolling Samples
Cylinder & Cone Rolling Samples
Cylinder & Cone Rolling Samples

Features Of Plate Rolling Machine

Upper & Lower Roller

Upper & Lower Roller

The upper roller device consists of an upper roller, upper roller bearing, hydraulic motor, and other components. The lower roll device is made up of a lower roll bearing seat, bearing, lower roll oil cylinder, and other parts. The side roll device is composed of two side roll bearing seats, bearings, side roll oil cylinders, and other components.

Hydraulic Overturning Design

The overturning device is made up of a ram, overturning oil cylinder, and other components. This device allows for easy removal of products along the axial direction of the roller.

Why Choose Us?

Innovative Capacity

Artizono's strong technical R&D force has made it a legacy in the industry. With over 10 patents invented and applied, Artizono continues to innovate without ceasing.

Standardized Production

A specialized production line, well-functioning components, and experienced technicians work together to create a sophisticated machine.

QC Management

We ensure that no machine is delivered until it meets the standards of each QC process, so you can be confident that you are receiving only capacity-boosting machines.

Prioritized Customers' Need

Please feel free to contact us or visit our plant at any time to communicate your precise production needs. We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction.

Prompt Delivery

Whether you order one machine or a batch of machines, we guarantee on-time delivery and intact arrival.

Quality Guaranty

We assure you of stable quality. In the rare event of a breakdown, we provide a one-year guarantee and on-site solutions as appropriate.

Buying Guide

Customer Opinion

Artizono's Metal Plate Rolls have transformed our metal forming operations. Their precision and versatility in shaping metal plates are exceptional. These machines handle various thicknesses with consistent accuracy, ensuring quality results every time. Artizono's support team provided comprehensive training, making the setup process smooth. These plate rolls have significantly increased our productivity and have become a cornerstone of our fabrication process.

Ryan Smith
Chief Engineer at PlateTech Innovations
Customer Opinion

Artizono's Metal Plate Rolls have taken our metal fabrication to a new level. Their precision and consistent performance in shaping metal plates are exceptional. The ease with which they handle various metals and widths is impressive. Artizono's commitment to customer satisfaction shines through in their exceptional support. These plate rolls have significantly improved our efficiency, and we're thrilled to have Artizono as a partner.

David Roberts
Lead Engineer at PlateTech Innovations
Customer Opinion

Precision and reliability are vital in metal forming. Artizono's Metal Plate Rolls deliver both and more. The ability to shape metal plates of varying sizes and materials accurately is impressive. With a user-friendly interface and Artizono's excellent support, integrating these plate rolls was seamless. These machines have expanded our capabilities and have elevated the quality of our formed products.

Michael Walker
Lead Engineer at PlateTech Innovations
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