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Best Quality Press Brake Machine For Sale

The Best Quality Press Brake Machine For Sale

Since the establishment of our company in 2002, we continue to be an industry leader in press brake machine manufacturing. Combine core technology with exquisite craftsmanship, and consistently deliver machines with superior performance, we are committed to providing you with powerful sheet metal bending solutions to help you increase your profit margins and expand your business.

Untill now, our press brake has been sold to over 80 countries and get very good feedback from customers there.

Our Popular Press Brake Machine

Hydraulic Press Brake

It’s an affordable CNC bending machine, an impressive number of features and options. 

CNC Press Brake

With a high-quality build with 2.5-6 meters bending length and 50-400 tons bending force.

NC Press Brake

It’s the most economical press brake with numerical controller.

Servo Press Brake

Features the advantages of high acceleration, deceleration and extremely fast response time of the ball screw servo drive system.

Hybrid Press Brake

Hybrid Press Brake

Built with high-end specifications and execution, advanced motion technologies and is still impressively quiet.

Tandem Press Brake

Tandem Press Brake

The Tandem system enables the two machines to be operated in simultaneous or stand-alone mode.

Large Press Brakes

Large Press Brake

The large press brake is specially designed to bend large workpieces.

Press Brake Tooling

Press Brake Tooling

Various types of punches and dies can be selected according to your specific needs.


Delem, Cybtouch, Esa, Estun controllers can be selected based on your taste.

Which press brake machine is right for you?

Consult with our professional sales team to select the right machine for you.

Bending Samples

Bending Samples
Bending Samples
Bending Samples
Bending Samples
Bending Samples

Features Of Press Brake Machine

FEA & Stress Analysis

FEA & Stress Analysis

The CAE software SOLIDWORKS used as the method to analyze the linear static construction, stress and deformation for press break and laser cutting machine frames. So for complicated structures,  highly complex loading’s,  transient modelling and combination of the above,  FEA makes sense.

Tempering Furnace

Tempering Furnace

The tempering process of the frame can effectively eliminate the welding internal stress and ensure the long-term accuracy of the frame.

Do you want to get the price of our press brake machine?

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Why Choose Us?

Innovative Capacity

Strong techinical R&D force made Artizono a legacy. Artizono invented and applied 10+ patents, yet innovation never stops.

Standardized Production

Specialized production line, well-functioned components, experienced technicians together creates a sophisticated machine.

QC Management

No machine will be delivered until it reaches each standard of each QC process. You get only the capacity boosting machines.

Prioritized Customers

Feel free to contact us or visit our plant at any time to convey your accurate production need, then wait to be satisfied.

Prompt Delivery

No matter you order 1 or a batch of machines, we have them delivered to you on time, intact.

Quality Guaranty

We assure you a stable quality. Yet if there is breakdown, which is rare, we provide 1 year of guaranty and on-site solution as appropriate.

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