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Experience the power of precision with our Hydraulic Shearing Machine! Engineered for exceptional performance, this machine ensures clean, burr-free cuts every time. With user-friendly controls and robust construction, it promises increased productivity and low maintenance costs. Take your manufacturing efficiency to the next level — Invest in our Hydraulic Shearing Machine and transform your cutting processes. Act now, complete the inquiry form and reinvent your operations with our cutting-edge solution.
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Our Popular Metal Shearing Machine

Mechanical Shearing Machine

This machine is designed for shearing steel sheets with a thickness of 4 mm or greater, a width of 2500 mm or more, and a sheet strength of 450 MPa or less.
Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear

Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear

Featuring integrated welding and heat treatment, our machine utilizes a dedicated NC controller with a shearing count function. The hydraulic transmission and nitrogen-assisted return stroke ensure smooth operation, while the real-time display of the backgauge position and multi-step programming capabilities enhance precision and efficiency.

Hydraulic Guillotine Shear

With an adjustable shearing angle and stroke, our machine offers precise control through blade gap adjustments managed by the controller. The high-performance frequency converter ensures exceptional X-axis positioning accuracy, while the integrated hydraulic system effectively minimizes hydraulic oil leakage. Additionally, the rectangular blade features four cutting edges for versatile use.

Which metal shearing machine is right for you?

Reach out to our expert sales team for guidance in choosing the perfect machine tailored to your needs.

Metals Can Be Cut

Mild Steel

Stainless Steel


Features Of Metal Shearing Machine

High-Efficiency Shearing Performance

High-Efficiency Shearing Performance

Efficient and precise shearing. Quickly handles sheets of various thicknesses, ensuring neat and accurate cuts every time.
Advanced Hydraulic System

Advanced Hydraulic System

Powerful and reliable hydraulic drive. Advanced hydraulic system provides continuous and strong power, ensuring long-term stable operation of the machine.
Precision Control and Operation

Precision Control and Operation

Precise control, easy operation. Integrated advanced control system ensures high precision in shearing process and convenience in operation.
Durable and Easy to Maintain

Durable and Easy to Maintain

Durable construction, easy maintenance. Robust and durable design reduces maintenance needs, providing long-term efficient service.
Safety Operation Assurance

Safety Operation Assurance

Safe and reliable, ensuring operation. Equipped with multiple safety protections to ensure the highest safety during operation.
Energy-Saving and Environmentally Friendly

Energy-Saving and Environmentally Friendly

Energy-saving and eco-friendly. Optimized design reduces energy consumption, supporting green manufacturing.
Customer Opinion

Artizono's Shearing Machine has revolutionized our metal cutting operations. Its precision and speed are unparalleled, allowing us to achieve clean and accurate cuts consistently. The intuitive controls and advanced features make it easy for our operators to operate effectively. Artizono's dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in their exceptional support and training. This machine has significantly improved our productivity, and we're confident in the long-term reliability it brings to our shop.

Kevin Anderson
Operations Manager at MetalWorks Fabrication
Customer Opinion

Precision and efficiency are crucial in our metalworks business. Artizono's Shearing Machine exceeded our expectations. Its ability to make clean, precise cuts across various materials is impressive. The user-friendly interface and Artizono's support made integration seamless. This investment has elevated our product quality and allowed us to take on more complex projects with confidence.

Daniel Roberts
Lead Engineer at ShearTech Innovations
Customer Opinion

Artizono's Shearing Machine has been a game-changer for us. Its precision cutting capabilities are exceptional, allowing us to meet tight tolerances consistently. The robust construction ensures durability for heavy-duty usage. Artizono's support team ensured a smooth setup process, and their commitment to customer success shines through. Our efficiency has improved, and we're proud to have Artizono as a partner in our journey.

Robert Martinez
Manufacturing Director at PrecisionCut Industries

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support.

What is the price range of your hydraulic shearing machines?
We offer a wide range of hydraulic shearing machines with prices varying based on factors such as cutting capacity and level of automation. Our basic models start at around $5000, while our high-end models can cost up to $20000. However, we provide flexible customization options and financial leasing services to help you find the most suitable solution within your budget and requirements.
How long is the delivery lead time for your machines?
Our standard hydraulic shearing machines typically have a lead time of 4 weeks. For customized models, the delivery time may be extended to 6 weeks. We will clearly specify the delivery date in the contract and strictly adhere to the production and shipping schedule. In case of any delays, we will notify you in advance and provide appropriate remedial measures.
What is the warranty period for your hydraulic shearing machines?
We offer a warranty period of 1 years, whichever comes first, for all our hydraulic shearing machines. During the warranty period, we will provide free repair or replacement services for any failures caused by non-human factors. After the warranty expires, we also offer lifetime maintenance and spare parts support to ensure the long-term stable operation of your equipment.
How extensive is your after-sales service network?
We have after-sales service outlets in major cities throughout the country, providing you with timely and professional on-site support. No matter where you are located, we can respond to your service request within 24 hours and resolve the issue within 3 working days. Additionally, we offer online technical support, which you can access via phone, email, or live chat.
Is operator training included with the purchase of a hydraulic shearing machine?
Absolutely! We provide free on-site operator training for every customer. After the installation and commissioning of the equipment, our engineers will conduct detailed training for your operators, ensuring that they can operate the machine proficiently and safely. The training covers basic principles, operating procedures, safety precautions, routine maintenance, and more. If you require additional training support later on, we can also provide customized training programs.

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